How to Stay Not Catholic

10 Easy Steps to Avoid Converting to Catholicism

What follows is my bumpy, messy, beautiful, journey that took me from being a new-agey “think and grow rich” business woman to an “oops-I-stand-corrected” crazy Catholic lady. In my defense, new age ideas are dressed up and disguised as business books in today’s world and I’m nothing if not a student at heart.

Cataloging My Journey

Being open-minded in our culture is usually synonymous with being liberal, however, what it really means is having the readiness to consider something without prejudice. The “open-minded” spiritual path that I wanted to follow is not the one I ended up on. I wanted to go down one of those new-age or exotic Eastern paths… so hip, cool and convenient. I wanted to be a liberal feminist embracing the subcultures of our society… artsy, fun and maybe even a little edgy.

Spoiler Alert: That’s not where the evidence led me.

Because I’m a student at heart, the “doubting Thomas” in me was ever in search of proof. The hopeless academic in me wanted indisputable evidence. History, science, and a few miracles pulled me in a direction I didn’t expect to go. Oh, and because every good story needs a little twist, a Catholic exorcist plays a small part in the drama.

Now you’re either intrigued or thinking I’m batshit crazy. Here I catalog that journey. You can decide for yourself.