Special Section: New Age, The Law of Attraction & the Occult

In today’s world, new age thought has deeply permeated our culture by cloaking itself in Christian terminology and dressing itself up as business books… a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I hope you will look closely at the message of “A Course in Miracles,” “The Secret,” and other new age teachings. They sound very much like the devil speaking to Eve in the Garden of Eden… seductive whispers that we don’t need God because we have all the divinity and power we need inside ourselves to create whatever reality we want.


I think G.K. Chesterton sums it all up nicely. The devil knows scripture… probably better than us. If the message sounds Christian and we are not on guard, we can be led slowly down a path of lies and deception.

In fact, even holy scripture gives us an example of the devil quoting scripture in Matthew 4 when Jesus is tempted by the devil in the desert.


Sharon Lee Giganti discusses her life as a practitioner and teacher of new age beliefs including “A Course In Miracles,” “The Secret,” and other new age ideas and the devastating impact they had on her life. You can find more from Sharon at www.NewAgeDeception.com

Proof the New Age is Satanic: At first blush, many new age ideas are cloaked in Christian terminology and appear to in innocuous. This video traces modern new age beliefs to Satanic doctrine.

Channeling, spirit guides, psychics, and mediums? Why does the Bible warn us against these things?

Aliens: Could they be demons trying to confuse and distract us?

Closing the Doors to the Demonic: And if you’ve opened doors to the demonic through the new age, what to do? Ask an exorcist!

Regarding the Prosperity Gospel preachers which adopt some of the new age thinking:







In contrast, scripture says we must take up our cross to follow Jesus.
















Guardian Angels: Fr. Chad Ripperger, Exorcist and Ph.D. discusses church teachings on Angels.

Angelogy: Listen to hear what Christians know about angels from the earliest of Christian writings that date back to the Apostles.