Step 9: Don’t Listen To These Stories

Dr. Scott Hahn: Vehemently anti-Catholic, Dr. Scott Hahn explains what it felt like to be on the path to being a Protestant minister and later become “Luther in Reverse” due to his study of scripture.

Jennifer Fulwiler – discusses the evidence that moved her from atheism to Catholicism. I found this video to be both humorous and insightful.

Steven Ray: Why Catholic? Fundamental Baptist “Born Again Bible Christian” whose mission was to save Catholics from Hell, discusses how he converted to Catholicism in the process.

Rod Bennett – Four Witnesses Brought Me Home: Former Southern Baptist Rod Bennett used to believe that the Catholic Church was the result of the “Great Apostasy.” However, as he was lead to read the works of the earliest Christians, he realized that the Early Church actually resembled Catholic beliefs and traditions.

Patrick Madrid: Why Be Catholic

Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic:by Tim Staples: I love love love this CD. I so wish it was on youtube and I could link to it here, but alas, I cannot. Tim was a self-proclaimed “on fire” Protestant who wanted to be a preacher just like Billy Graham. He was extremely anti-Catholic on a mission to “save” his Catholic brethren from going to Hell.  How could a man who was determined to prove the Catholic Church wrong ever be persuaded otherwise? The CD or MP3 can be purchased here.  If you are on a serious quest, it’s worth the purchase.

If you want to check Tim out for free on youtube for free, here are a few really good interviews as well:

  • Journey Home: Tim Staples (former Assembly of God Minister) Interview #1
  • Journey Home: Tim Staples (former Assembly of God Minister) Interview #2

Atheist Harvard Professor Roy Schoeman becomes convinced of Catholicism. I enjoyed this story because of Roy’s atheist and academic background. This is the first of 3 videos in a series. If you enjoy this, I would encourage you to watch the next 2 videos on youtube which go into more depth. Below is the first video. Here’s a link to the second video.  Here’s a link to the third video.

10 Lies Protestants Believe About Catholicism! (From a Protestant)

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